Taking Turns

Paolo Zuccotti and Jan Hajdelak Hústak

22 - 25 september  2016

Nebbelux in colaboration with The House & the Lights, a four day festival celebrating the Norwegian Theatre Academy's 20th anniversary !

Taking Turns  is an immersive and interactive performance that explores perception and the way it shapes our realities. The piece consists in a walk through performance installation for one participant at the time. The project has been initiated by the theatre-maker Paolo Zuccotti (concept) and realized with Jan Hajdelak Husták (multimedia design), in collaboration with Bonthrop (artistic consultancy and engineering).

Inspired by some of the scientific experiments performed by the Brain, Body and Self Laboratory based in Stockholm (www.ehrssonlab.se), the main tool used to realized the different changes in perspective is a video set that combine video glasses and portable cameras.