It began as a mistake

Kjetil Kristensen

Apr 25. - May 05  2014

Kjetil Kristensen B. 1981, Stavanger, Norway is educated from Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art. He lives and works in Oslo.

Post Office is a 1971 novel written by Charles Bukowski. In this exhibition, Kristensen shows monochromes and sculptures made from wooden boards and metal racks used in factories to transport massproduced products. In his opening performance, Kristensen proclaimed his own poem, which is an emotionally loaded text about self loathing, daydreaming and lack of inspiration. Being trapped in a dayjob working with monotonous logistics, in industrial aesthetics. The artist says he "rescued these objects from that unworthy ending" that they otherwise would have gotten, had he not taken them with him into the gallery.

The performance was recorded and is radiotransmitted to earphones which you can wear while you walk through the exhibition.