Center of the Universe

I still find what I haven't

been looking for

Feb. 14. 2014

Center of the Universe a.k.a. Jørgen Sissyfus Skjulstad is a norwegian artist who mainly, but not only works with music and sound. He is the founder of  the Norwegian music collective Metronomicon Audio.

A consequence of Center of the Universes experimental and whimsy workin-methods is that material is constantly popping up that is  not working – or can be released as – “normal” music. This exhibition is a collection of such works.

Home baked Børek and Pastis was served at the opening!

Concert: Center of the Universe

Dj: Hans Ice

Take a chance! ( 2014 Loop, ∞ )

Materials: Abba – Take a chance on me (1978 )

The song is cut into 431 parts that are played in random order.