Anja Carr

26 november 2016

Anja Carr:


Featuring Body Forum Djs: EUROPA entertainment solutions AS & DJ Lars Bøhler

Performance by Anja Carr starting 20:00

«Calm down. I can fix the furniture. The important thing is that Stinky has never chewed on my boat; he would never dare do that. (...) And Moominpappa explained everything. About what it is like to play poker in a cave, in the light of a storm lantern secured in the sand. (...) Naturally, Stinky moved into the Moominhouse. (...) To keep him calm and quiet, he was given all sorts of things to chew to pieces (...) But what happened in the evenings; that is entirely another story.» (Abstracts from «The Unwanted Guest» by Tove Jansson. Original title in Swedish: «Skurken i muminhuset» 1980, unofficial translation by Teresa Ronayne)

For her solo exhibition «FEED --> FEEL» Anja Carr has produced 5 new sculptures, mainly in valchromat, mimicking puzzles for small kids supposed to teach them how to recognize different shapes by putting pieces in the right holes. The sculptures are activated as furniture-props together with with 26 «puzzle pieces» in a performance with Carr's own Stinky-character, feeding through a big mouth leading directly to his heart. A new photograph shows parts of the same scene in a slightly different room – hinting to the continuous documentation and editing of contemporary private lives online, with perpetual feeds competing to catch our feelings.

Carrs handmade costumes transform well known children's figures in theatrical, adult worlds, exploring the repulsive “abject” that is both subject and object. She recently participated at the group show “When Will I Be Little Again?” at Tadeusz Kantor Museum (Kraków, PL). Previous performances include NOoSPHERE (New York, NY), Miami Performance International Festival '15 (Miami, FL), Le Générateur (Paris, FR) and solo exhibitions: CANDYLAND (Stockholm, SE), the Agency Gallery (London, UK), Skåne Art Association, (Malmö, SE) and POPPOSITIONS Art Fair (Brussels, BE) with NoPlace (Oslo, NO). This week Carr is showing a new installation and performance titled “Peachy Blue” at the significant building of Amalie Skram VGS in Bergen (NO) as well, financed by KORO / Public Art Norway and Hordaland County Council. In February she opens a new solo exhibition at Prosjektrom Normanns in Stavanger (NO).

The exhibition is supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond / Norwegian Artist Association, Arts Council Norway, Fredrikstad Municipality and Østfold County Council.

Foto: Eirik Slyngstad & Anja Carr