Aum Doomsday

Karen Nikgol

4. mai 2016

A new wave of street gangs, fascists, anti fascists, cults and sects, , , vigilantes, rapists and religious madmen are tearing the city apart, destroying the neon lit world created by even madder men. Gangs of thugs ran the streets, smashing everything. They destroyed the hospital rooms, but stopped when they saw a fragile naked old man, trembling, looking at them in a bathroom tub. Then the great volcano burst intensely, shining its red timid light through out the phosphorescent night. The nuclear facilities ran amok, rambling uranium and plutonium like a poet, a nuclear holocaust wiping out all living things.

In the end of times, on the last day, The Dragon will finally come out of The Great Void, and devour the Sun. The Dragon had created the Sun and now terminated it, leaving only darkness behind.

AUM DOOMSDAY is a live, temporary ensemble of dancers, artists, a martial arts practitioner, an art critic, and a punk band, curated by Karen Nikgol to perform for one night. The different performers are each told to exhibit their own practice, creating an atmosphere of healing, dance, meditation and personal defense systems against the curse of doomsday.


Kristoffer Sandven (photographer, practitioner of martial arts)

Tommy Olsson (art critic)

Gabriella Forzelius (artist)

Karen Nikgol (artist, curator)

Veronica Bruce (artist, dancer)

Tony Tran (dancer)

Mahandri Wardhana (dancer)

Karen Nikgol is an artist and curator. His work ranges from paintings to stage productions and performances, investigating topics of high and low culture, ritualism and sexuality, connecting the ancient to the contemporary. In august his second stage production "Satyricon" will be premiered at Black Box Teater in Oslo. Recent works are "Obsessions" at Space 4235 in Genova, "The New Catholicism" at Combo in Cordoba, "Spaces Speak" at RAM Galleri Oslo, "Tilfældet Oslo" at Ringsted galleri, Denmark. Karen is also one of the founders and curators of the artist run space Noplace, Oslo.

Sake + edamame was served