Here Come the Waves

Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg /

Pia Eikaas / Ingrid Forland / Owen Griffiths

June 20. 2014

Four artists based in Copenhagen came together to make an immersive space and experience connected to the sea, native foods, architectural shapes and the celebration of friendship.

Miso soup with local sugarkelp and mussels were served. Spa section with seaweed. Karaoke in the evening.

Seaweed, shell fish, the movement of hair underwater, silver light and cold green textures. Looking up at the light sitting on the seabed amongst the green forest, going up for air and learning to walk on rocks slick with kelp, we begin to collect it.

Purple, green, black, thick like squid.

Often black kelp is used to feed sheep and cattle, in cold winters sometimes you can see animals coming down to the shoreline to graze, where sea meets snow.

In some remote areas its used as thatch for the heavy roofs of low cottages.

A mysterious substance, it holds minerals, cleans and cleanses and is full of iron. Once in the water it moves with currents, provides habitats and once out, it dries, stiffens and snaps unless repatriated into water.