5. november

Kl 19.00


Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel


A Gnome is a busy creature. Looking after trees, flowers, mushrooms and lichen, tending the earth and suppling all that grows with its daily needs…

It’s hard work.


Even though invisible to most, gnomes are constantly interrupted in their daily activities by curious humans who think it’s amusing to disturb those poor helpers.


Humans don’t understand the importance of the work of a gnome. Who do you think is leading roots to water? There are flowers that need help to unfold, chlorophyll to be produced, scents to be released, webs of mycelium to distribute underground.


Humans think it’s funny to try capture them and keep them in rocks and crystals, make them do tricks for their entertainment. How would you feel if someone locked you up like that?


SKOGEN is an exhibition by a gnome lover, a lost forest spirit.